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  • Across America

    Across America is a collection of images by Horace Panter inspired by a trip he took to America in early 2022.

    These signed limited editions celebrate the pop art genre and Americana at its best! 

  • Cassettes 2021

    Horace has always been fascinated by the humble cassette, which played such a pivotal role in the dissemination of music in the 1970s and 80s. Cassettes may be obsolete, but they still evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia.

    Taking inspiration from the Pop Art tradition, Horace has created iconic works of art from these everyday objects.

  • Americana 2020

    There is something about the aesthetic of American diners and retail outlets that utterly captivates Horace Panter, and his irresistible new collection pulsates with excitement.  There are no people to distract us in these paintings.  Under a cloudless sky, an empty cinema simmers in the heat, awaiting the film buffs.

    Horace Panter has toured the world and taken inspiration from urban street life and art galleries alike. Americana 2020 sees this artist performing at the height of his powers.

  • American Urban

    American Urban was an exhibition showcased at Colley Ison Gallery in July 2017.
    As a member of the iconic British band The Specials, Horace has toured The States many times. He identifies American 1960s Pop Artists as his primary influences, specifically Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichenstein.
    In this series of paintings Horace has reduced each composition to its bare essentials. The intense colours and sharp outlines powerfully evoke the harsh sunlight of an America Summer.
    These editions are strictly limited to just 10 copies.

  • Americana

    Horace Panter’s influences are diverse and range from the Pop Art of Peter Blake, Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana to the depictions of light in paintings by Edward Hopper and David Hockney.  In his ‘Americana’ series he reimagines the ubiquitous signs and diners in American cities as iconographic cultural symbols. He says that these works ‘are about painting light’.

  • Japanese Vending Machines

    Continually drawing inspiration from new environments, in this exciting new collection Horace Panter has turned his attention to Japanese vending machines following a recent visit to Japan. He observes them with meticulous attention, treating them almost as religious icons.

    Speaking about the collection Horace said 'In Japan there are approximately half a million vending machines, most of them situated within the urban landscape. When I was last in Japan I noticed them everywhere but they were so ubiquitous that they blended into the background and would have been easy to ignore amongst all the other uniquely Japanese street signs, adverts and neon in the busy city of Tokyo. Obviously I was drawn to these colourful monoliths as my artistic eye picked up both their functionality and the riots of colour....each section is like a tiny painting itself. ' Horace Panter

  • Cassettes

    Horace Panter’s giant cassette paintings  put the emphasis on the cassette itself as an icon in terms of its place in musical and cultural history. Each one represents a song which has stood the test of time and become a classic in the pop genre, along with the recording studio in which it was produced. Many of these studios no longer exist, so each cassette is meticulously researched to give accurate information.

  • Pop Art

    The Pop Art movement is one of Horace Panter's major influences. In his silkscreen print 'Silver Robot', the robot has a commanding and very human presence. Horace's beautiful portrait of Amy Winehouse, which places her in an idealised almost heavenly landscape , was commissioned by The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

    As bassist for the band 'The Specials', Horace Panter toured the world, taking the opportunity to visit major art galleries where he received inspiration for his painting. His edition 'The Specials' captures the band in its heyday, and features the artist (second from left). 




  • Nicklin Revisited

    In collaboration with BrumPic, artists represented by Colley Ison Gallery were invited to produce new work inspired by the photographs of Birmingham photographer and lecturer Phyllis Nicklin. The paintings formed a hugely successful group exhibition at Colley Ison Gallery in January 2016.  Six of Horace Panter’s stunning images of Birmingham in the 1950s and 1960s are available as signed limited editions.